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 FuturoCoin basic data

FuturoCoin is a coin that has all the features of a cryptocurrency. The features that certainly distinguish it on the market are its own blockchain and open source code. It gives you the opportunity to mine it with your own mining software, so the company will not have any controllability, which means a decentralized system. Wallets have also been created for storing and transferring funds between users connected to the FutureNet platform. For those not registered in FutureNet, there are external wallets with both desktop and smartphone version. An undoubted advantage is also transaction time of less than 4 seconds. You can check the technology on your own by looking at White Paper and tracing the source code. The total supply is 100,000,000 coins and until the start of the Futuro blockchain, 30,000,000 coins have already been mined and designed for partners with the Royal matrices and for marketing activity.

FuturoCoin payments will include shops, portals, cafes and any products appearing in the FutureNet. Each user will be free to offer their own goods and accept payments in FuturoCoin. It will also create additional interest for people who do not really know about FutureNet and FuturoCoin yet, but would like to trade on the platform. Another brand are also FutureNet cafés and restaurants. The possibility of paying with cryptocurrency will certainly intrigue the community around the world. If you are interested in such a project, you can buy a franchise in 2019.

The community at the start of this cryptocurrency is more than 4,000,000 people, which effectively affects its demand and willingness to own it. Imagine increase in potential when at least half of this number will buy it.

The cryptocurrency will be able to be exchanged on many exchange markets. The first crypto exchange that listed FuturoCoin is YoBit. It is available also on Piyasa, SouthXchange, Coindeal, Coinbe, Bitbay, Exrates.

Sites and places accepting FuturoCoin

FuturoCoin ATM

  • Easy way to buy FuturoCoin or Bitcoin using FIAT currencies
  • First one in Wrocław and Warsaw (Poland)
  • Machines over the world to pay and withdraw money 


  • Easy way to pay with FuturoCoin in companies/shops
  • You can introduce payment of FuturoCoin in your company
  • Payment in FutureNet Cafe 

Some information about FutureNet

The FutureNet company was founded in 2012 by two owners – Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern. The owners have many years of experience in both business and marketing, so they are still expanding it successfully. FutureNet began its operations from Poland, but now has its headquarters in other parts of the world such as: Wroclaw, Warsaw, USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and still the new ones are being set up. The administrator and the Service Provider of the Portal is BCU Trading LLC registered in Dubai, Abdulla AL Fahed-4, Office No. 210, Al Quisais second, United Arab Emirates and entered in the register book under the number 781893.

FutureNet is a modern social and multimedia platform whose mission is to create a place for users to make contacts and enable them to set up their own business. FutureNet, for being active on the social media platform and implementing the marketing plan, shares its profits. The company consists of 5 main sectors, such as: online earning, social platform, online advertising, games and complete novelty – own cryptocurrency FuturoCoin.


FuturoCoin listed on the first cryptocurrency exchange!

Start on the exchange... On February 6, the cryptocurrency FuturoCoin was introduced to the first exchange market. Now, officially it is possible to trade with FTO! To everyone's surprise, the first stock exchange that introduced FuturoCoin was not BitBay at all, as...

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FuturoCoin START – blockchain and White Paper released

Another historical event that will push FutureNet forward is the official launch of the FuturoCoin crypto project, which has started with a 2.5 million community. Community development The company has been on the market since 2014. The owners Roman Ziemian and Stephan...

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We finally know the official date of FuturoCoin launch!

Many of us have been wondering when it will be possible to buy mining packages and trade the cryptocurrency FuturoCoin. The company kept us in suspense for some time, however, the official information appeared directly from FutureNet that on 31st of January mining and...

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Questions and answers

CEO Stephan Morgenstern


1. Where can I find the FutureNet rules?

Regulations can be found at this link:

Be sure to read them before making any decision!

2. What guarantee do I have that I will earn?

The return on investment depends on the price of the cryptocurrency on the market. It is the community and the demand / supply that shapes its price. When purchasing a mining package, we get specific amount of the coins against the computing power of a given package.

It is you who decide whether to sell your coins or not. This means that FutureNet does not give us any guarantees!

Remember that purchasing the product should be fully conscious. Check also what benefits you will get from buying it.

3. Where can I exchange FuturoCoin?

Payments in FuturoCoin will be accepted by platforms on FutureNet. The sale and purchase will be possible to be realized on many well-known crypto exchanges. The first exchange which introduced Futuro is YoBit. It is also available on Coindeal, SouthXchange, Piyasa, Coinbe, BitBay and Exrates.

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