Another historical event that will push FutureNet forward is the official launch of the FuturoCoin crypto project, which has started with a 2.5 million community.

Community development

The company has been on the market since 2014. The owners Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern started their activities from creating a social and multimedia platform.  Mission is to create a place for users to establish contacts and enable them to set up their own business. They were aware that the success of a given business is largely determined by the market for products and services, and a good product.

A good step forward was the introduction of the FutureAdPro advertising platform, which by providing an advertising service for users and the possibility of earning contributed to the strong development of the community.

(More about FutureAdPro you will find here: link)

The next step of FutureNet towards innovation is the introduction of the FuturoCoin cryptocurrency. We will be able to use it as a means of payment for FutureNet products and services, but also as an independent cryptocurrency it will be exchanged on the external market. An important element deciding about the price increase of a given cryptocurrency is utility and a large community. Thanks to the appropriate strategy of the owners of gathering a huge community, the introduction of their own cryptocurrency is already arousing great emotions and interest.

Blockchain and White Paper release

On 31 January 2018, the FuturoCoin blockchain was made available and the first FTO block (FuturoCoin) was mined. Its source code ( can be found on the GitHub website. If you also want to follow the advanced FuturoCoin technology, you can also do so by referring to the White Paper on the official website of the project:

For the FutureNet partners have been created an internal wallet to store FTO: FNWallet. It will receive extracted parts of coins from the work of purchased mining packages. It will facilitate sending our funds to addresses created inside FNWallet as well as any external ones that support FTO. Additional convenience is the ability to log into the system using data for the FutureNet account.

Also from the official site you can download the external wallet (very clear and convenient to use), which will allow you to store funds and free transfer of the FuturoCoin cryptocurrency. (directly from:

Futuro Network

From the 2nd of February, the Futuro Network platform is also available, thanks to which it is possible to purchase mining packages and earn.

This is another opportunity to obtain passive income for users as well as a strong source of income for the company. By purchasing a mining package, the given amount of coins will be deposited on our portfolio every 1 minute. We choose the mining package that is right for us and if we decide to increase its power at any time, we will be able to upgrade to a higher position.


If we purchase the highest package for $25,000, we will be able to buy the lower one. When we decide to buy a lower package, it will be possible to buy a higher one by paying the difference (if we buy the package for $1,000 and we want to have $5,000, we need to pay the difference of $4,000 and then we have the higher one). However, we will not be able to buy e.g. the package of $500 if we have the package for $1,000. We will not be able to make it without having the highest for $25,000.

A marketing plan has been created for those who want to earn a living from the construction of their partners’ group. It gives you the opportunity to obtain as many as 7 bonuses.

FuturoCoin mining

Another feature that testifies that FuturoCoin is qualified as a real cryptocurrency is the ability to extract it using own excavators. If we have a Dash Antminer D3 excavator, we can convert it to mine FuturoCoin.

During the extraction of 1 FuturoCoin block, 13.31811263 FuturoCoin is generated. In FuturoCoin each block award is divided in half: 50% belongs to the miner, 50% is sent to the masternode network. For 7 packages with different strength ratios at prices of $100, $250, $500, $1000, $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000, parts of the coins will be distributed. The higher the coefficient, the more FTOs we can get. Every minute or so, 6.65905632 FTOs will be distributed among all purchased mining packs, according to their power factor.

If you want to join the project, I recommend contacting and getting detailed information.


Artur Liwocha

Remember also that every form of investment carries the risk of losing money. There is NO guarantee that you will earn and I cannot give you such a guarantee too.