FutureNet is increasingly focused on company development and global operations. Another positive news for the whole community is the appearance of FuturoCoin on one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe – Bitbay. It is already the 7th stock exchange where you can trade with this cryptocurrency.

FuturoCoin has also been added to other exchanges: Exrates and Coinbe, in a relatively short time.

Here is the full list of exchanges that you can use to purchase FuturoCoin:

1. BitBay https://auth.bitbay.net/ref/155336 

2. Exrate https://exrates.me

3. Yobit https://yobit.io/?bonus=EtgUv

4. Piyasa https://piyasa.net

5.Coindeal https://coindeal.com/ref/ICD

6. SouthXchange https://www.southxchange.com

7. Coinbe https://coinbe.net

It is also surprising that external companies are introducing FuturoCoin as a payment method. This possibility has been used by the polish cryptocurrency mine – Independent Enterprise.

Expert speaks about FuturoCoin

Expert speaks about FuturoCoin

You should also read the opinion of a financial expert Dennis O`Neill, who gave his opinion about FuturoCoin. On 12th of July he held a show (Americas Business Show) on the CEO-MONEY portal.


Listen to the recording here: : http://www.wfn1.com/ceo-money/dennis-oneill-from-oneill-capital-advisors-talks-about-futurocoin-and-the-future-of-cryptos/

Who is Dennis O`Neill?

He is a person with over 25 years of experience as an investment banker and during his career has earned more than $2 billion in capital for companies at an early stage of development.

He also participates in many projects in the ICO phase (start-up projects for cryptocurrencies) and Blockchain technology. It helps such projects to get out of family offices and other local investments. He has significant experience in sales, marketing, business development, financial media and raising capital. He also participated in more than 50 conferences on private investment funds, high-risk projects and shares of companies with low equity.

During the recording, he made a few personal comments regarding FuturoCoin: “It is a cryptocurrency that performs the function of a peer-to-peer payment system (from person to person) for immediate transactions. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies need 10 minutes or longer to execute such a transaction. Undoubtedly, the e-commerce industry can not wait so long to deliver its products. FuturoCoin has been created to solve this problem and ensure instant transactions and fixed fees at a certain level.”


The FuturoCoin project is presented on foreign markets and conferences. One of such conferences in Malta – CoinAGENDA, was attended by Paulina Wozniak (co-founder of the FTO), providing knowledge about the security and advantages of FuturoCoin.

FuturoCoin ATMs

The company also announced the launch of special FuturoCoin ATM devices to facilitate the purchase and sale of FuturoCoin to fiat currencies without the participation of a cryptocurrency exchange. Such machines are already undergoing tests in the office and will soon appear on the market. Soon, more and more offline and online companies will accept payments with FuturoCoin when this feature is already enabled.

A video from the machine test can be seen here:


UPDATE: In the FutureNet Cafe in Wrocław the first FuturoCoin ATM is already working and you can change FuturoCoin and Bitcoin there for real money!


The company’s goal is also to educate the public on the topic of cryptocurrencies and FuturoCoin, which is why the company created a game application for a smartphone – Coin of Mine. The game arouses quite a lot of interest because it has been based on the application of Pokemon GO. But there is a difference that instead of catching Pokemons we have the ability to “catch” parts of FuturoCoin. Then these parts are allocated to our wallet linked to the account, and then we can sell them. For now, only the Beta version is available for the Android system, so those interested can already test it.

You can download the game here:


Progress of the company

FutureNet focuses on development, but also wants to become better with the support of users. It encourages the community to decide and suggest how FutureNet can become a better brand. That’s why you should also submit your comments and vote on how to improve the social platform.

This can be done by completing the form contained on the website



It has been shown here only a piece of what is happening around the company. FutureNet shows that it is still a different business league. There are also planned further amenities on the platform and a great event on September 9 in Macau (China). We make every effort to show what potential lies in this business.

Thanks for the time and I invite you to contact me.

Artur Liwocha