On February 21, the protection period for the purchase of mining packages ended. After this date, all commissions from the structure will be counted in real time.

Change of the rules

There has also been a big change in the purchase of mining packages. We would like to remind you that previously it was possible to have only one package and upgrade to higher positions by paying the difference in the price between the packages. It was not possible to buy lower packages, so you had to think which one to choose. Only after upgrading to the highest package we had the option to buy lower packages in any configuration. The company has made us a surprise and changed the rules at the request of users. From now everyone can buy packages in any quantity and value – there is no limit and also everyone can make an upgrade to a higher position!

Here is the official statement from the company:

In my opinion, this is a good change, because everyone can decide which package will be the best for him. Each package works 2 years from the date of purchase and by purchasing new packages we can increase the mining power.

The current rates of FuturoCoin mining can be checked on the FuturoNetwork account by going to the “My start package” tab and selecting the link, as shown in the picture below.

It is very easy to calculate how much FuturoCoins a given package would extract during the day and how much will be mined for the next two years (assuming constant mining rate).

If you do not have an account in FuturoNetwork yet and would like to start mining your first FuturoCoins, you can register in FuturoNetwork and purchase a package. The package can be purchased from the FutureAdPro or FutureNet account, after adding funds or using earned money. If you have a problem with the payment, please contact the person under which you signed up.

Start at the exchange Piyasa.net

The next crypto exchanges are coming, and this is just the beginning. Two more exchanges are waiting in the queue and we hope to hear more about that in the upcoming weeks.

FutureNet Foundation

FutureNet is a company that thanks to its rapid development also wants to help many people around the world. FutureNet Foundation is one of the next projects. Thanks to it, several things have been done, such as financing Wiktoria’s hip surgery or purchasing the necessary medical equipment. We are encouraged by this fact and we keep our fingers crossed for the next great works done thanks to FutureNet.

Official statement from the website (link to the video: link)


We will soon inform you about the upcoming news concerning FutureNet.


Artur Liwocha