FuturoCoin is more and more surprising since the start in January. The community operating in FutureNet affects the popularity of this cryptocurrency and contributed to its introduction to several exchanges. It is available on YoBit, Piyasa.net, SouthXchange, and on April 18th it appeared on the new crypto exchange – Coindeal. On May 21st, 2018, the price of FTO was around $20, and few days before we even saw $30 per unit, which shows the potential of this “young” cryptocurrency. At this link you can check the current price: see

It is also worth setting up an account on Coindeal and verify it, as this facilitates the payout process from FutureAdPro and FuturoNetwork, and the fees are relatively lower. The user verification system through the Coindeal exchange is also gradually enetring to FutureAdPro. If you do not have an account yet, you can do it from this link. If you want to learn how to buy or sell FuturoCoin on the Coindeal exchange, you will learn this from the guide: see. In addition, we can choose to buy and sell FuturoCoin directly for euro and bitcoin.

What is new in FutureNet?

FutureAdPro 2nd birthday

A popular advertising platform that gives you the opportunity to earn money online and advertise your business or partnership program has been operating for two years. Payments with FuturoCoin and other cryptocurrencies have been introduced there, also connected with the Coindeal crypto exchange. Social networking sites are increasingly blocking ads related to cryptocurrencies, and there in FutureAdPro we can find an alternative to our advertising and business promotion. If you want to know more, go here

FutureNet Cafe opening

On April 20th, the new FutureNet Cafe (second in the world) was officially opened, located in Wrocław (Poland) at Rynek 46/47 street.


Video from the opening: https://www.facebook.com/futurenetofficialPL/videos/608166996185718/

During this event there was an auction of items for FutureNet Foundation, where among other things, a jacket with FuturoCoin emblems was available, in which the owners of FutureNet performed at the event in Krakow. In the cafe you can taste a very good coffee, which was sought after at one of the largest markets in Milan to properly select coffee species. When choosing the FutureNet Cafe, we can test coffee mixes from the regions of Santos, Colombia, Ethiopia, Vietnam and India. This type is ideal for milk coffees. Espresso coffee is a sublime coffee, 100% Arabica, originating from the regions of Ethiopia, Colombia and Santos. What will also make the cafe stand out is the possibility of paying in cryptocurrency. FutureNet is currently working on an application that allows us to make such transactions. Another cafe is already being built in Warsaw at 14 Świętokrzyska St. and it is spread over 3 floors with a total area of ​​866 square meters. Soon there will be the official opening and we will also be able to admire it.

Data on FutureNet Cafe can be checked on the official website: https://futurenetrestaurants.com/



National Court Register: 0000687700

Taxpayer Identification Number: 7010705467

Business Registration Number: 367876133

FutureNet Cafe Board:

Roman Ziemian – Member of the Board|

Jan Aureliusz Herczakowski – Chairman of the Board

FuturoCoin Payments

These few companies are taking the first step in introducing FuturoCoin payments in their daily lives. The FutureNet company gets further offers of companies interested with such possibilities. The main idea of the FuturoCoin cryptocurrency is to make faster, easy and convenient payments for traditional businesses and ordinary users. For this reason, FutureNet encourages small enterprises to get involved in such a project.

One of them:

Timezone.pl  – online store with stylish watches.


CitySchool – Educational institution offering learning courses in the field of law, economics and soft skills.


Regeneracja – Warsaw’s restaurant, offering food and drinks.


Znajomi Znajomych – Warsaw’s restaurant, offering food and drinks.


Dom zabawy i kultury DZiK – Warsaw’s community center, hosting cultural events – also offering food and drinks.


To read more, visit: https://newsroom.futurocoin.com/new-companies-declared-futurocoin-payments/#more-115

Soon, more and more offline and online companies will accept payments with FuturoCoin when this feature is already enabled.

45,000,000 points accepting FTO

FutureNet is an international business, and their cryptocurrency is supposed to give the opportunity not only to trade on exchanges, but also to pay for real physical products. Already after a few months from the launch we can observe a significant increase in FuturoCoin’s value, and the company has already started negotiations with agencies in Japan, Korea and China regarding the acceptance of FTO at EFT POS, operating in these countries.

What will the future be like? At the moment we are listening in disbelief, but more than once we have seen how positively surprising FutureNet is and what plans the company has. We are counting on the implementation of these ideas and large increase of FuturoCoin’s value.

FutureNet Foundation

We are proud of how much help is given to the most needy. FutureNet Foundation works in areas such as medicine, technology, industry and environmental protection.

Thanks to the help of the Foundation for a boy named Bruno, the purchase of a specialist rehabilitation bed was financed. See the report: https://www.facebook.com/1578513165536710/videos/1639234186131274/

Another boy, 4-year-old Nicholas, was funded a trip to the United States. He was born with a lack of fibula bone, a shorter tibia bone and a deformed foot and without two fingers. No facility in Poland has agreed to such an expensive surgery, and thanks to the FutureNet Foundation, the boy’s dream of taking the first independent step has become real: https://www.facebook.com/1578513165536710/videos/1680957728625586/

The Foundation also helps young, talented people. The FutureNet Foundation wants to create a better, innovative future. It supported students from the Poliwrocket working on the rocket construction project. As a result, they will be the first to participate in the prestigious Spaceport America Cup. See the report: https://www.facebook.com/1578513165536710/videos/1673574419363917/

The help is huge, that’s why another lively and smiling girl will have the opportunity to live a normal life. She suffers from spina bifida, and her first treatment was done already inside her mother’s stomach. Thanks to your help, in a few days Victoria will undergo a second, complicated operation of the hip joint, which will bring her closer to fulfilling her dream – the first independent walk in the forest without the help of a pram.

See the relation:  


The cases of how much FutureNet helps are many. You can follow them up-to-date here:


FutureNet Sport 

It has been shown here only a piece of what is happening around the company. FutureNet shows that it is still a different league of business. There are also being planned further amenities on the platform and a great event on September 9th in Macau (China). We make every effort to show what potential is behind this business. Thanks for the time and I invite you to contact me 🙂

Artur Liwocha